• 112 (alarm number in NL)


Four things you need to know when you arrive at the Seven Pigeons tournament


All teams can check in at De Panoven between 16:00h and 18:30h. There will be tournament officials present to help with checking in. The teams will receive their tournament information package including directions to the accommodations of HV Zevenaar and MHC de Westerduiven.


All coaches are requested to sign-up in accordance with the tournament schedule at the clubs on Saturday morning, March 26th between 8:45 am and 09:15 am.


The first games will start at 9:30 am on Saturday morning, all teams should be prepared to play at that time (the tournament schedule will be made available Friday morning)


The prize ceremony on Sunday is expected at 18:00 pm and will take place at the venue of Zevenaar.

Number of participating teams

34 teams maximum


Two age-groups 12 to 14 years old (C-teams) and 14 to 16 years old (B-teams). Coaches must be at least 21 years old. It is not allowed to have an older player play in a lower-age group.


Standard team: 14 - 16 players, 2 coaches.

Team uniforms

The tournament can be played in official team uniforms or an alternative uniforms.


Matches will be played according to FIH rules. Each match will last 30 minutes.


Licensed umpires of the Dutch Hockey Asssociation.

Players party

On Saturday evening, there will be a party and disco for all the teams. In the Netherlands, alcohol is prohibited for youth under 18.

No alcohol and drugs

Throughout the tournament, the consumption of any kind of alcoholic beverages, and any form of drugs on the premises is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule can result in expulsion and exclusion from future tournaments. We respectfully request that coaches do not allow players to visit alcohol-serving establishments in town on their own.


In both clubhouses there are free Wifi-spots available


The sleeping accommodation is at “De Panoven”. If necessary there are several hotels nearby. It is possible to book an extra night at “De Panoven” and check out on monday 28th of March, when this will fit your travel plans better.


Breakfast and dinner will be served at “de Panoven”. Lunches will be served in a tent next to the clubhouses of HV Zevenaar and MHC de Westerduiven. These meals are included in the participation fee.


Each team will have to arrange for their own transportation from “De Panoven” to the accommodations of HV Zevenaar and MHC de Westerduiven and vice versa. If a team is not able to arrange this, please contact the organisation. Together we will work out a solution.

Payment conditions

The costs of this tournament including hostel, meals, party, meet and greet is € 90 per person. 50% of these costs have to be paid before the 1st of february. This advance payment guarantees a team’s participation in the tournament.

Damage compensation

In case of damages caused by participants to the sleeping properties or to property on the premises, immediate compensation, indemnity and/or reparation is imperative. We strongly advise all players and coaches to be insured for both damage and medical costs and has been in possession of the health insurance-card.


Qualified medical personnel will be present throughout the entire tournament. In case of serious injury, appropriate transport will be provided to the nearest hospital.


All information regarding the tournament can be found on this website.

Please visit our website regularly!